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The Sign of Safe Non-Surgical
Cosmetic Treatments

Botox in Liverpool and Manchester


Time to face facts

Many consumers would rather pay less for their non-surgical treatment, taking little heed of their safety. Every year thousands of patients suffer at the hands of untrained practitioners.

If you’re based in the north east and are looking for botulinum toxin injections (commonly known as “Botox”) in Liverpool or Manchester, Save Face can help you connect with a safe, experienced practitioner.

Did you know?


Whilst there are hundreds of practitioners offering botulinum toxin injections in Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding area, a large number of them won’t have the appropriate qualifications and experience to administer the treatment safely.

Differentiating between the good, the bad, and the downright dangerous can be extremely difficult. Simply typing “Botox in Liverpool or Manchester” into Google will bring up a wide range of practitioners, but these are rated according to search engine optimisation factors – none of which have any bearing on safety.

Some of the practitioners that appear on your results page will indeed have the appropriate qualifications, experience, equipment and facilities to carry out your treatment with the minimum of risk, while others will be extremely dangerous amateurs waiting to take advantage of those who don’t know any better.

Currently in the UK, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are almost entirely unregulated. This means that the person administering them doesn’t have to have a medical qualification, and doesn’t have to be monitored by a regulatory body. Anyone, regardless of their skills and experience, can set up a practice offering non-surgical cosmetic procedures to the public, perfectly legally.

This has significant implications for those looking for treatment. The lack of regulation means that every year in the UK, thousands of people suffer injuries at the hands of these rogue practitioners – some of whom will be masquerading as trained professionals. Burns, infection, scarring and nerve damage are just a few of the reported complications of undergoing a non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed by an amateur.

At Save Face, we want to remove the risk involved in selecting a non-surgical cosmetic practitioner. That’s why we provide a free, impartial service that connects those looking to undergo treatment with safe, qualified, experienced practitioners who you can trust with your health.

Save Face

Save Face is an independent and unbiased accreditation scheme for aesthetic medical professionals and clinics in the UK.

We assess fully-qualified medical practitioners (doctors, nurses and dentists) on-site against a strict set of objective standards to ensure their safety, so that they can become Save Face Accredited and feature on our comprehensive register of industry-leading practitioners and premises in the UK.

The practitioners listed below have all measured up to our stringent standards and so that you can search, compare and rate them, safe in the knowledge that they have taken every possible precaution to keep you from harm’s way.

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