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The Sign of Safe Non-Surgical
Cosmetic Treatments



Did you know...?

Currently, the non-surgical treatment industry is almost entirely unregulated and unaccountable, putting you and your body at risk . Use our expertise to keep safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I get contacted by Save Face?
    Save Face have a responsibility to reach out to practitioners to raise awareness of what we do and how we do it. We send out branded emails to communicate the value of joining, public facing campaigns and news items, benefits to members, news about new initiatives and updates. We also send out regular emails to our members to keep them updated and informed. If you do not wish to read these emails, you may simply delete without opening. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you must open one and unsubscribe. It has come to our attention, that those who have unsubscribed and have continued to receive emails, have more than one email address on our data base. If unsubscribing again fails to stop emails from us, please call the office and we will address. Our administrative staff, Elvira and Nicole, may also send personal emails to follow up on enquiries made and will continue to do so until they have received a response. If you have decided you do not wish to hear from them, you need only ask to be removed from their follow up list. Elvira and Nicole work through a daily list of people to call, either making contact to introduce themselves and offer support, or to follow up on enquiries. If their calls are not taken or not returned when messages are left, you will remain on their ‘to contact’ list. You need only let them know you do not wish to be contacted, either by taking the call or by contacting the office, and you will be crossed off their list permanently.
  • Do members get an annual council tax like breakdown on where their accreditation fee is spent?
    Save Face is a limited company and as such its accounts are submitted to companies house. Save Face has a five year investment plan, to date, over £500,000 has been invested, expenditure includes; website development, SEO, marketing campaigns to raise consumer awareness, PR, salaries for clinical director (design,provision and review of clinical standards and resources), office staff, inspections, CPD accreditation, overheads for office and administration etc etc. Do members get an annual council tax like breakdown on where their £1k is spent? Save Face is a limited company and as such its accounts are submitted to companies house. Save Face has a five year investment plan, to date, over £500,000 has been invested, expenditure includes; website development, SEO, marketing campaigns to raise consumer awareness, PR, salaries for clinical director (design,provision and review of clinical standards and resources), office staff, inspections, CPD accreditation, overheads for office and administration etc etc.
  • Surely the Statutory Bodies go far enough to protect consumers seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments?
    Patients are not aware of the role of statutory regulators. The registers; NMC, GMC, GDC list ALL registered nurses, doctors and dentists respectively.  Save Face register only includes those who have met our standards and passed our inspection specifically for their aesthetic training and practice. Save Face is ‘as well as’ not ‘instead of’. We ONLY accredit practitioners accountable to the standards required by The GMC, NMC and GDC. Our standards reference professional standards and sign post the regulators which is referenced in our 'Be Safe Checklist' which can be accessed here. No regulator directly assesses competency, but NMC, GMC and GDC has an expectation that no registrant practices without competency, and through appraisal and revalidation process requires evidence. This is another reason why Save Face only allows registered medical professionals to apply to our register for accreditation. Furthermore, patients will find our complaints process accessible and fit for their very specific concerns, which are unlikely to fall within the remit of the statutory regulators.  
  • What background in aesthetics do the directors have? Or even in the medical industry?
    The directors are not practising clinicians, the clinical director and advisory board inform, review and direct the model and standards, the directors and team run the register. Both Ashton & Brett have significant experience in the management of highly successful accreditation businesses within the Health & Safety and Occupational Health sectors and have vast experience across all aspects of Sales, Marketing and PR. You can access further information on the background and experience of all team members here.
  • Surely one can only accredit individual practitioners not entire clinics with multiple practice & licenses?
    Unlike other voluntary registers, we verify and assess every individual every practitioner and every premises listed on our register. We verify the qualification, training and insurance of the individual practitioners we accredit and inspect the premises to ensure it meets our standards which can be accessed here. The method for assessment and verification in consistent and is the same for each and every clinic regardless as to whether they are a national chain or an independent clinic. Our accreditation is specific and limited to the cosmetic non surgical services they provide, to the location and individuals that appear on our register.    
  • Why is it that I've had to correct work from two SF accredited clinics in the last month?
    If this is indeed the case, Save Face have a robust complaints policy, any patient that visits a Save Face accredited practitioner/clinic, has recourse to complain either directly to the clinic or directly to Save Face, who will then ensure that the complaint is logged for audit, that the complaint is addressed and resolved and that if appropriate, expert support is provided.
  • Who Audits and quality controls the performance of Save Face?
    We have written standards, policies, procedures and protocols for all we do. Our standards reference legislation, regulation and professional standards and have been designed by our highly experienced Clinical Director and interrogated and approved by our independent advisory board. These documents are under regular review and any proposed changes are submitted for review and approval by The Advisory Board. We invite and welcome feedback from patients, inspectors, practitioners and professional bodies to inform continuous improvement.
  • What training have Save Face inspectors had?
    Save Face inspectors are all registered nurses and have received additional training to undertake site inspections and practitioner interviews. Their role is to act as an ‘informed potential patient’ with the knowledge and authority to conduct an objective audit of how the practice meets and applies the standards we require. We do not use practitioners with aesthetic experience, because we wish to avoid a conflict of interest and ensure objectivity.
  • What right have "you" got to infer that by not joining Save Face the rest of us are unprofessional?
    This is a voluntary register. Consumers are currently expected to choose services and are vulnerable, with the current lack of appropriate regulation, because they do not know how or what or where to check to protect themselves from rogue practitioners. Whilst on the whole the industry is full of practitioners who operate to high standards of practice and deliver a patient centric service, being able to identify one is quite simply a lottery for consumers, because dotted in amongst these practitioners there are a mass of unscrupulous and untrained providers. Even when clients ask the right questions during a consultation with a practitioner they have no clear and defined way of verifying that the person is indeed who they claim to be or more importantly have undergone any relevant training and have obtained the necessary qualifications  to enable them to perform the procedure they want. It is also clear, when things go wrong, they have nowhere to turn as demonstrated in the BBC 5 Live Investigates episode on rogue practitioners which was led by Save Face which can be accessed here. Save Face is a register of providers who have stepped up and welcome third party verification. We make no comment on those who choose not to join the register and submit to verification and inspection, but we make no apology for our campaigns raising awareness of the risks and sign posting the consumer to this register.
  • Do members get an annual council tax like breakdown on where their accreditation fee is spent?
    Save Face is a limited company and as such its accounts are submitted to companies house on an annual basis. Save Face has a five year re-investment plan, to date, over £500,000 has been invested in establishing a fit for purpose self-regulatory accreditation model, the Directors have committed to re-invest all monies generated back in to the company to ensure we are able to continually improve our model and continue to generate consumer awareness. Expenditure includes but is not limited to;
    • Website development
    • SEO
    • Marketing campaigns to raise consumer awareness
    • PR
    • Salaries for clinical director and office personnel
    • Design, provision and review of clinical standards and resources
    • On-site assessment inspections
    • CPD accreditation
    • overheads for office and administration, legal representation and insurance
  • What are the benefits for the consumer in using your services?
    Consumers are able to connect with a treatment provider and have real confidence that they meet the given standards. We have visited and assessed each an every one of our accredited practitioners and clinics to ensure that they meet the Save Face standards for accreditation. Consumers are also able access free factual and impartial information on a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help prepare for a consultation with their practitioner chosen practitioner. We post regular blogs which are written on a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures Our Save Face patient charter provides consumers with all the necessary advice and guidance on what they should expect and demand from a treatment provider, as well as a checklist of important points to consider before going ahead with a treatment, including:
    • Specific information relating to each treatment such as, what it is, what it is used for, how long it will last and what the side effects or associated risks of the treatments could be.
    • How to ensure that a practitioner is appropriately qualified.
    • What to expect during a consultation, how the treatment will be administered and what results you can expect.
    • What questions you should ask to ensure you are fully informed before deciding to go ahead.
    • What questions to ask to ensure you are being treated in a safe environment.
    • When NOT to go ahead with non-surgical cosmetic treatment.
    • What you should do if something goes wrong.
    Consumers are able to leave feedback and  for the practitioner or clinic they visit and are able to review feedback left by other patients to help them make an informed decision to best suit their needs. If a consumer is unhappy with the level of care or the treatment they have received they are able to make a formal complaint to Save Face and we will guide both parties until a satisfactory resolution is achieved in line with the practitioners complaints policy. Consumers are also able to raise concerns about treatment thy have received by practitioners who are not on our register and are able to access advice and guidance on how to manage their concern. Consumers are able to access free and impartial advice and guidance on a specific concern or treatment query via our 'Ask the Expert' service.  
  • You are not the first organisation to claim to be providing this type of service for both practitioners and consumers – what makes Save Face different?
    • We are the only scheme to visit each and every one of our accredited practitioners and premises listed on our register to ensure that all Save Face Accredited Practitioners are safe, credible and above all qualified. To do this we only use nurses who have the clinical expertise that is necessary to thoroughly assess every Save Face accredited practitioner.
    • When establishing our accreditation model, we were determined to address the challenges faced by the consumer seeking safe non-surgical procedures, and therefore designed an accreditation process that makes the necessary checks against legal and professional standards. This ensures accountability to the consumer by encouraging and publishing feedback.
    • Save Face focuses primarily on the qualifications of the practitioner delivering the treatment and secondly that the practitioners’ premises are fit for purpose.
    • Save Face is completely independent of those it is accrediting.
    • We have a dedicated Clinical Director leading on both the standards and the accreditation process with input from our Advisory Board
    • The Save Face website is a resource for the consumer providing independent and credible information on non-surgical procedures, expert advice from practitioners, a searchable register of clinics and practitioners who have been successfully accredited.
    • Save Face has a non-executive advisory board to which it is accountable.
  • How can you be both a consumers’ champion and a representative of the practitioners who deliver treatments?
    We will support consumers who are searching for a provider of safe treatment and will give support to practitioners wishing to provide a safe and professional service. This will  differentiate these practitioners from those who do not meet the standards set.  
  • How will you deal with consumer complaints?
    Save Face will require our registered providers to have a complaints policy which they will agree to follow - this policy will be readily available to consumers in clinics and on our website. Consumers will be encouraged to engage directly with the registered provider. Resolution of complaints by providers will form part of the auditing process. Concerns raised by consumers will be recorded and appropriate action taken (such as unannounced spot checks carried out by our team of assessors). The complaints form is easily accessible on our website and captures all of the relevant information needed to initiate the complaints process.  
  • What action will you take against practitioners who break the rules?
    There will be varying degrees of action apportioned to the level of risk to the consumer by a non-surgical procedure. Each will be assigned a fair and reasonable timeframe to conduct an investigation and to reach a satisfactory resolution for both the consumer and the practitioner. If sufficient evidence of failure to meet Save Face’s standards is found, Save Face will instigate a review of the accreditation and if appropriate, remove the provider from our register.
  • Practitioners pay to be members of Save Face – are you really going to turn away those who do not meet your criteria?
    Absolutely, but part of our goal is to raise standards. In the first instance, we will advise the provider of how they fail to meet standards and provide an opportunity for review should those standards be attained.
  • What clinical and professional expertise does Save Face have?
    Save Face has a dedicated clinical director Emma Davies who has significant and relevant experience of practice and regulation within the specialist area of Aesthetic Medicine. We also have an expert advisory, non-executive board which provides us with additional professional guidance which can be viewed here.
  • How do you intend to remain impartial when you have to continually attract new members?
    We recognise the need to hold true to the standards in order to succeed as a credible and worthy service to both consumers and clinics who meet standards. We have to serve both the practitioner who wants to distinguish themselves as a safe provider and promote best practice, as well as the consumer who wishes to receive a safe, professional service. Both are interdependent.
  • Will Save Face seek to bring about further changes to the way the industry operates in the UK, for example, do you think practitioners should be subject to compulsory registration?
    This is a voluntary scheme, the government has chosen not to mandate a register of non-surgical procedure practitioners. We finally have an opportunity to educate and inform the public to make responsible choices and support them to do so. The current market and the unregulated way it has evolved are completely unacceptable. Consumers rely completely on the information provided by the ‘service’ and are easily misled or misinformed. With this register, we can ensure the practitioner is who they say they are; that they are registered nurses, doctors or dentists with appropriate clinical skills and experience. We absolutely disagree with non-healthcare professionals administering these treatments! All of those on our register have had appropriate training, are insured, undertake regular training updates, use only licensed and legitimately supplied products, and are accountable through customer feedback to the public that they treat.
  • Explain what systems you will have in place to ensure you maintain quality among your members?
    To maintain quality we will have:
    • Inspections, unannounced spot checks and audits
    • Interviews
    • Online portfolios
    • Customer feedback
    • Complaints process
    • Links with professional bodies
    • Quarterly meetings with our Advisory Board with whom we consult with on a regular basis to review and approve all proposed changes to our infrastructure, standards and practitioner resources to ensure that our standards and accreditation model remain fit for purpose

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