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The Sign of Safe Non-Surgical
Cosmetic Treatments



The eyes and ears of non-surgical cosmetic practice

Non-surgical treatments can be administered by untrained practitioners. Save Face will only connect you with qualified, trained and certified medical professionals.

What our clients say

  • Save Face are, in our opinion, the only really serious organisation doing anything substantial in the fight against unregistered practitioners here in the UK.  They are not only PSA accredited but are also recognised by the DoH and NHS as leaders in their field. Liverpool sometimes feels like the epicentre of dodgy facial aesthetics and some of the cases that we see are truly horrific. At the end of the day any organisation who takes patient safety seriously is a friend of ours and we applaud the tireless efforts of the team.

    Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann, Smileworks Liverpool

  • Save Face have been so supportive and helpful since I joined, I am so glad that I am a part of this and I recommend Save Face to others in the aesthetic industry.

    Rachel Nicholson, Younger U Aesthetics

  • I did not have any formal policies prior to my application, but I found the policy and procedure templates provided were of enormous value and I have adapted many to fit with my practice. It has saved me a large amount of time in drafting such documents from scratch.

    The Accreditation process was excellent - the information on accreditation is clear and the website application is simple. The clinic inspection was friendly and supportive.

    For the first time I will be able to demonstrate my competence and standards to current and prospective clients. It is of great added value to be able to say I have been independently assessed and have external accreditation.  I wanted to be able to provide assurance on my competence and quality to my clients and Save Face accreditation does exactly that.

    Gary Fletcher, Sutton Coldfield Cosmetics

  • Its been a pleasure Strongly recommend getting accredited to all in the aesthetics industry.

    Dr Rupert Critchley, VIVA Skin Clinics

  • As soon as I can I'll be accessing the documentation so that I can start with all the policies as I mean to go on. Thanks Save Face for everything! Being able to adopt policies will ensure my clients receive the best practice which gives me the peace of mind that I am doing the best for them. Also saves me time in researching and writing them myself! Best Christmas present ever getting subscribed to Save Face!

    Ruth Dales, Polished Clinic

  • Thank you so so much Nicole!!!! We are beyond excited to be part of your organisation and are looking forward to a long working relationship with you all!!

    Thank you again for all your help and support during the process!

    Aly and Jade, Beauty Rediscovered

  • Thank you for all your help with the process. Emma was thorough, professional and offered some very helpful advice about ways to improve my service.

    Baljit Kalsi, Revive Cosmetic Treatments

  • I am very pleased to be a part of Save Face!

    Mahesh Patel, Hillton Dentistry

  • We cannot fault any aspect of the registration process along with the practice inspection. We found the process a great reassurance that we are doing everything to the highest standard possible.

    Claire Lee (Practice Manager), Amsel & Wilkins

  • I am so pleased and feel privileged to be Save Face accredited. I would like to personally thank you throughout the process as you have made it easier. I look forward to being a part of Save Face.

    Donna Gibson, Donna Gibson Aesthetics

  • I am delighted to be on the Save Face register and thank you very much for all the information.

    I will make sure all the logos are added to the website and our accreditation makes it onto our social media!

    I thought the process was very thorough but not overly onerous and everyone involved has been positive and helpful. The policies, protocols and consent forms have been particularly useful to use in practice.

    Lynda Allman, Acombe Dental Care

  • It is so well worth going through this assessment. I can only recommend Save Face to all practitioners out there.

    Isabel Lavers, loveSkin Aesthetics

  • “Well, I finally “did it” and clients are loving that they feel there is some measurable standard out there with the accreditation, so thank you!”

    Dr Nicole Burge, Brookfield Clinic

  • “I am very grateful to save face for all their help and support. After having the fillers in my cheeks I was left with a lumpy face and felt so depressed and anxious as knew it felt wrong. I was in a bad space for weeks and could not leave my house without disguising myself. Finally I discovered Save Face.

    It was such a relief when I spoke them as as they gave me so much constructive advice and guidance. Save Face guided me and even investigated the person that carried out the procedure and discovered that she was not a Nurse as she claimed to be and have helped to expose her illegal activity and bring her to justice.

    They also arranged for me to see a reputable cosmetic Doctor that gave me a full break down of the product and reversed the procedure. I wish I had known about Save Face as they are extremely professional and I can only advise that anyone thinking about getting any cosmetic procedure done you should think twice and use a professional body like Save Face to make sure they are using a reputable practitioner as had I known earlier this could have saved me hundreds of pounds and the trauma of living with a lumpy face for weeks. Thank Save Face for all your help and support”.

    Rachel, Consumer User

  • Best thing I ever did was joining Save Face. I wish it had been around when I started to do cosmetic treatments, I have always found it very difficult being on my own with no support! Having Save Face as support means more than you can imagine, truly.

    Beverly Brabbins, Newborough Dental Surgery

  • On behalf of the Cindy Knight Clinic I would like to say that Save Face has helped us to ensure our clients are getting the best treatment by giving them the chance to review our work. Since the CQC did not meet our requirements any longer we felt that our clients still needed to know that we have high standards of service and correct protocols and procedures. Save Face does this. We were the third clinic to be accredited with Save Face and we have not regretted it. They are also proactive in ensuring insurances etc haven't expired. If it has then you are taken off the register - so not just a one-off paper exercise.

    Diana Knight, Cindy Knight Clinic

  • We are delighted to achieve Save Face accreditation. It means a lot to have this as we are strong advocates of safe treatments and patient education.

    Dr Eithne Brenner, Faceworks

  • I take a lot of time to keep myself updated in skills and knowledge to ensure I am a safe practitioner and until now, there has been no real way to prove this publicly. Save Face have been so thorough and efficient throughout my process to becoming accredited – they are really well set up and qualified, and have an excellent team.

    Alison Taylor, Alison Taylor Medical Cosmetics

  • So proud to be a part of your register.....keep up the great work you are doing Save Face!

    Maria Phillips, Beautifil

  • I have to say I'm loving what you guys are doing at save face, and I am certainly getting more new patients reassured by the fact that I'm registered. Just wish more nurses would get on board, it would give us the regulation we so desperately need to set us aside!!
    Keep up the good work!

    Amanda Baldwin, Attic Medi Spa

  • It's fantastic to know that my patients have confidence that I am Save Face accredited.

    Clare McLoughlin, Appearance Based Medicine

  • At River Aesthetics we value being accredited with Save Face. Striving to keep our patients safer.

    Victoria Manning, River Aesthetics

  • Really excited about Save Face! First time patients can feel confident that the practitioner they choose has been thoroughly checked out and are qualified and insured, to carry out the procedures that are advertised.

    Sue Burge, Be Beautiful

  • Registering with Save Face has provided an opportunity to demonstrate to my clients my philosophy of quality care from the point of first contact through the consultation, the procedure itself and the aftercare.

    Medical aesthetics is a field of medicine, not beauty, although there is some crossover, I think it is important that clients understand the difference to enable adequate informed consent.

    Since registering with Save Face I have received a number of referrals who have come to me for a variety of treatments.

    Most clients have come directly via the website after seeing a poster, others have used google to identify a few clinics and then made a final choice on the basis of the Save Face registration.

    Elizabeth Rimmer, London Professional Aesthetics

  • Thanks for updating me on the new initiatives Save Face is introducing. I look forward particularly to the new online CPD modules which will be so useful in continuous development and registration.

    Also I like it that I now have recognised protocols and procedures in place.

    In fact Save Face is having a really positive impact, with increased business as I've included the info you provided on my website and Facebook and new patients inform me they feel reassured, knowing they are coming to an accredited professional for treatment.

    Sue Stevens, Sue Stevens Aesthetics

  • May I say that the process has been painless – NOT like the CQC!!!!

    I will recommend it to everyone to do, so much help available on the site as well.


    Sarah Buckley, Atlas Cosmetic Medicine

  • I am delighted that Save Face have this register and I am hoping it will become compulsory for practitioners and clinics to be accredited.

    Maria Phillips, Beautifil Clinic

  • I think it is very brave what Save Face are doing and I support them 100%. Regulatory bodies normally only regulate their own profession but with this industry there are more than one profession involved – dentists, doctors and nurses – so it would be difficult to agree on one set of regulation. What Save Face have done is focus on what is important and it is very commendable. They have a very well respected team, they are extremely thorough with each stage to becoming accredited and they have a strong set of policies and procedures.

    Simon Lee

  • Save Face are very professional in the way they undertake the accreditation and have been helpful throughout the process. They are very thorough when it comes to assessing the clinic’s policies and processes, and the process is facilitated for clinics by providing templates to assure the clinic is operating to the highest of standards.

    Sam Robson, Temple Medical

  • The Save Face team were pro-active throughout my assessment. They are very thorough with what they look for and unlike other companies who have tried to do what Save Face do, they have very in-depth on-site visits, and have a well-respected and credible team.

    Jackie Holden, Brighton Beautiful

  • I take a lot of time to keep myself updated in skills and knowledge to ensure I am a safe practitioner and until now, there has been no real way to prove this publicly. Save Face have been so thorough and efficient throughout my process to becoming accredited – they are really well set up and qualified, and have an excellent team.

    Alison Taylor

  • The Save Face process is very thorough and I am very supportive of the fact that Save Face not only inspect the clinic in question, but concentrate on the practitioner and their qualifications. This reassures me that I am practising to the highest of standards and allows my customers to feel absolute confidence in me as a practitioner.

    Helena Collier, Skin Talks

  • I think it is great that Save Face have stepped up and put together the register. Patient safety is very important. It is vital to educate consumers about these treatments and it is evident that Save Face have put the consumer first, being so much more than a register also providing a user-friendly website with all the crucial information.

    Dr Sarah Tonks

  • I am delighted that I can show my clients that I have this accreditation and help them feel reassured and confident that they have picked a practitioner that operates to a high standard. Save Face have been very thorough throughout the accreditation process and I couldn’t speak more highly of them.

    Mark Holloway, Sperrin Clinic

  • Joining Save Face is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Save Face gives patients the reassurance that the clinics on its register have been thoroughly checked and visited and operate to the highest standards, so they can have a new-found confidence in the industry. We are very grateful to Save Face for working so closely with us to ensure our policies and procedures and operations were up to the highest standards and for providing us with a means to distinguish ourselves as safe and qualified.

    Kristeen Geddes, Re-Nu Skin Clinic

  • I am really excited about Save Face. This is the first time patients can feel confident that the practitioner they choose has been thoroughly checked out and are qualified and insured, to carry out the procedures that are advertised.

    Sue Burge, Be Beautiful

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