Our aim at the Lodsworth Clinic is to use our years of medical experience, training, and expertise to support your whole body wellness - to help you to be the very best version of you.

We offer tailored aesthetic treatments with the added reassurance that you are in the hands of highly trained medical professionals.

So in the unlikely event of an issue or complication, you couldn’t be safer.

We feel very strongly that wellness encompasses many things; it is eating healthily, exercising, looking after your skin, taking time to be kind to yourself.

It requires kindness, humility, laughter and sleep – often just a little basic TLC! Having spent over 20 years working in the NHS, as a team we still believe passionately in what it can offer, but also want to bring our expertise to patients outside of it – free from the constraints of a system where sometimes, productivity and finances rule.

To have more time to offer holistic care, and the extra support that we all need, at different stages in our lives.

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Anti-Wrinkle Consultations

  • Wendy King

Dermal Fillers - 8 Point Facelift

  • Wendy King

Botulinum Toxin - Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

  • Wendy King

Medical Skin Needling

  • Wendy King

Botulinum Toxin - Bruxism

  • Wendy King

LED Light Therapy for Skin

  • Wendy King

Micropigmentation (Medical)

  • Wendy King

Botulinum Toxin - Platysmal Bands

  • Wendy King


  • Wendy King

Skin Boosting Injections

  • Wendy King

Dermal Fillers - Lips

  • Wendy King

Dermal Fillers - Cheeks

  • Wendy King

Dermal Fillers

  • Wendy King

Botulinum Toxin - Lines and Wrinkles

  • Wendy King

Rosacea Treatment

  • Wendy King

Wendy King

Regulatory body GMC Registered Doctor

Prescriber Yes

Sadie Webb

February 9, 2024

As an apprehensive first timer to facial aesthetics at the age of 56 ,following a recommendation. I decided to seek advice for cheek asymmetry. Wendy's friendly and personal manner helped me to relax , I felt able to discuss other problem areas in my face too. I had dermal fillers for my cheek and Botox for a dropping forehead a few weeks ago. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable during the procedure I also had total confidence in Wendy’s advice/practice / delivery of my treatment. I am so delighted with the results which look completely natural , I wasn’t even aware that the forehead could be treated which is an absolute bonus . My cheek looks amazing and I just feel confident and not self conscious anymore. Finding the Lodworth Clinic and meeting Wendy has been amazing for me 😊

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Bryony C

January 22, 2024

I came to The Lodsworth Clinic with hormonal acne, redness and scarring and wanted to get it sorted before my wedding. Dr Wendy carried out a thorough assessment of my skin and prescribed me with a fantastic 3-step retinol home care kit which was easy to use and changed my skin for the better within just a few weeks. I came back in for a review after the first few months and she tweaked my skincare products as the redness was under control and it was really just a case of keeping the hormonal acne at bay. A few months on, my skin looks and feels so much smoother, with almost no redness and some days looks like I have foundation on when it's completely bare. I'm so happy with the results and didn't realise my skin could look so good. I had previously tried many over-the-counter retinol and acne-targeting products but it's clear to me now that unless you get proper guidance and medical-grade products, the shop-bought stuff just doesn't have the same quality of ingredients. Thank you so much Wendy!

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Gemma Driver

January 10, 2024

Absolutely delighted with my results from Botox with the lovely Dr Eugenia. Incredibly natural look, with no ‘surprised’ eyebrows in sight. I’m so happy with the results, I’ve booked myself in for further treatments. Highly recommend Dr Eugenia!

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Alexandra Davidson

December 12, 2023

Fantastic clinic - I was nervous to move away from London but this really is 5 stars, the team and what they offer is great! Very happy.

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Luisa Garcia

October 24, 2023

Really happy with my results. Very natural looking and just what I wanted. Dr Wendy and her tram are extremely welcoming and friendly, I would highly recommend them.

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Carol Spencer

September 7, 2023

Dr Wendy King and her team are fantastic. Wendy is the consummate professional, taking her time to understand me as an individual and is meticulous clinically. I am always delighted with the results. Thank you Wendy.

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Kirsty Mulhern

August 17, 2023

Really happy with my treatment at The Lodsworth Clinic - Wendy proves reassurance, with clear explanation of the treatment process and full, open discussion of pros and cons, so I know exactly what I'm doing. And the results are great - subtle but good. I'll definitely be keeping up with my treatments!

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Sally Hunt

July 12, 2023

A very pleasant experience, due to Wendy’s obvious care and professionalism. Thank you.

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Harriet Weston

June 8, 2023

I couldn’t rate my experience highly enough. My skin was very dry and sore from stress…the WOW facial has improved the look and feel of my skin! My skin is glowing and it’s so smooth. I’ll be making it part of my regular skincare routine! Lovely staff, very knowledgeable and kind.

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Gina Hatton

February 27, 2023

Lovely clinic made to feel comfortable such a wonderful experience. WOW facial was amazing

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Lesley Tormey

February 20, 2023

I was absolutely thrilled with the results of my treatment. Highly recommend the team on professionalism and customer care. Dont wait..do it.

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Tara Moller Photo

February 15, 2023

I have been wanting to have a WOW facial for such a long time since a couple of close friends let me know their secret to a glowing & youthful complexion. The entire experience felt wonderful, Wendy took great care of me, ensuring that at all times I was comfortable and knowledgeable about each of the elements . My favourite bit was the WOW moisture mask at the end (and seeing the results in the mirror !). I’ve had lots of compliments and feel more confident to ensure I give my skin the care it deserves. Cannot recommend Wendy and her team at The Lodsworth Clinic enough! Thank you!

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