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Can you provide me with some advice on eyebrow tattooing? Not for the current trend of fake thick brows but because mine are sparse since chemo many years ago.

Many thanks,



Semi-permanent makeup when done properly is a process which involves implanting tiny pigment particles into the skin. The ink we use is of the highest industry standards and using only the finest needles realistic hair strokes are created for a more natural result. Colour is matched to suit lifestyle needs, age, skin tone etc.. and we always pre draw the brows on before so you get an idea of how they will look. Semi-permanent makeup is suitable for most people but can make a real difference to cancer patients, alopecia or just general hair loss clients.


I would like to have fillers in to restore volume loss in my cheeks but am really scared about serious risks such as hitting an artery or loosing skin, etc.
Please could you let me know how practitioners can avoid complications?

Thank you!



Dear Sheema,

Thank you for your question. Dermal fillers are great for replacing lost volume in the cheeks and creating a natural lift to rejuvenate the face. However there are risks associated with dermal filler treatments; these include bleeding bruising and swelling, and less commonly infection, abscess formation and lumpiness. If the dermal filler is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel then this can cause pain, skin damage and possible scarring. For this reason I would recommend Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers which have a longstanding safety profile and would last approximately 18 months in the cheek area. HA is a sugar molecule that is naturally found in your skin and works by attracting water to help plump up the skin and is gradually broken down over time. You can read more about HA dermal fillers here.

A strong knowledge of facial anatomy and safe injection technique is essential, so it is important to do your research and select your practitioner carefully. You can use Save Face to find your nearest accredited practitioner. Always look for a practitioner who is a doctor, dentist or nurse who is a member of a professional body and has also been accredited by a government approved body such as Save Face. Check out the practitioner's website and meet your practitioner for a separate consultation before having any treatment done. Ask them how long they have been carrying out dermal filler treatments and how many procedures they have done. Ask to see photos of their work and testimonials from clients an whether they attend conferences to keep up to date and do they have regular masterclass training by the dermal filler manufacturers to ensure their injections techniques are safe. Download the Save Face Be Safe Checklist to take with you to your consultation.

Kind Regards,
Dr.Christine Or


Recently I had a laser treatment carried out for acne scars around my back. They did seem to disappear over time. However, recently I have realised red pigments occurring around the areas. Is it possible due to exposure to sun? Or is it possible side effects of the treatment?
Would appreciate your input and any possible possible treatments available to me?

Many Thanks,
Sarah P



Dear Sarah

Many thanks for your e-mail. Firstly, need to establish whether IPL or laser?

With a laser it may well be were the skin is regenerating, depending when you had your treatment done of course? Have you been in the sun? If so this is contradictory to both laser and IPL and will hyper or hypo pigment newly treated skin. Also, it may be were the capillaries have been revealed as those areas regenerate.

Treatment options are

  • No sun unless factor 50 applied I recommend heliocare range.
  • You may require a peel or micro needling to your back which will help if you have any hyper pigmentation or more laser and IPL to help remove.

But firstly, get the nurse or doctor to check and confirm diagnosis, if you would like to visit a Save Face accredited clinic in your area, please visit

In conclusion treatment with laser or IPL will never give 100% results but, hopefully, a significant improvement.

Kind regards,

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