An applicant may formally request Save Face to reconsider an adverse accreditation decision.

If an unsuccessful applicant wishes to submit an appeal it should be submitted in writing to the Save Face Registrar within one month of the date of written notification of the adverse accreditation decision. Any adverse accreditation decision that is the subject of an appeal will remain in force during the appeal process unless a change is agreed upon at the end of the process.

An appellant may withdraw the appeal at any time during the process. If for any reason the appeal is withdrawn, Save Face will not accept a future appeal on the same grounds.


The first stage is for the appeal to be considered internally within Save Face and the process is as follows:


  • On receipt of an appeal, Save Face will commence the appeals process and the appealant will be notified.
  • Save Face will appoint a member of the team who has not been directly involved in the assessment of the applicant to gather all necessary information.
  • The information will then be sent to the Save Face Advisory Board for Review.
  • Save Face will arrange an extraordinary meeting with the Advisory Board to present their information and take feedback and will ask each member to vote on the outcome decision
  • The investigation will be completed, and the appellant will be informed in writing of the outcome.
  • Should the appeal by upheld, Save Face will take appropriate corrective action and amend/change the decision.

To submit an Appeal, please sent it and any supporting information to:


Post: FAO Save Face Registrar 
Office 4 & 5 Fram Enterprise Centre
Edwards Business Parc
CF72 8TQ

Practitioner testimonials

John Sheffield
RTW Skin

We are a CQC-registered Dermatology and Aesthetic Practice in Royal Tunbridge Wells, and we are proud to say we have just renewed our accreditation with Save Face for the ninth year.

We were among the founding members of Save Face, and our choice to join them has been precious and worthwhile. If it was support in bringing a new procedure to our practice, an HR matter or on infrequent occasions when we needed help in assisting a patient, they were there for us. The membership fee that we pay is almost nothing compared to the support offered, and the man or, in our case, woman hours saved when dealing with unfamiliar matters has been a sound investment. Save Face not only look after members on a one-to-one basis but has been active in protecting professionalism in our industry and the exposure of poor practice. As Save Face approaches its second decade of service to UK Aesthetics, we wish them well, and membership will always remain an essential part of our practice.

John Sheffield
RTW Skin
Dr Victoria Manning
River Aesthetics

I have been a Save Face member from the get-go and we are extremely proud that River Aesthetics was one of the first clinics to be accredited.

Patients come to see us and trust us because we are registered and have been recommended by Save Face.

Dr Victoria Manning
River Aesthetics

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