There are several unavoidable factors that can contribute to the signs of ageing including; exposure to the sun, pollution and the stress of modern living. Our lifestyle choices can also accelerate the signs of premature ageing including; alcohol consumption and smoking. As a result our skin loses its natural shine and vibrancy, becomes more lax and starts to develop freckles, sun-spots, age-spots, broken capillaries and thread veins.

Photo-rejuvenation using intense pulsed light removes these signs of sun damage and premature ageing, and restores the natural shine and vibrancy of your skin, turning back the clock and taking years off your appearance.


The IPL device delivers precisely controlled strong pulses of light at specific wavelengths.  This light energy targets, and is absorbed by, the pigment melanin (targeting freckles, sun-spots, age-spots and uneven pigmentation) and haemoglobin (targeting broken capillaries, thread veins and redness).  The intense pulsed light is designed to selectively treat only these pigments so the surrounding skin remains unharmed.

Treatment time varies according to the size of the area being treated; a full face may take 45 minutes, the hands probably just 15 minutes.


Intense pulsed light treatment can be used wherever the skin shows these signs of premature ageing.  Areas most susceptible tend to be;

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Chest (décolletage)

You may notice some improvement after the first session, but for the best results we recommend a course of treatment 4 weeks apart.

You should expect to return to your normal activities immediately afterward, however the skin may appear quite red for a few hours to days.  Following treatment, an ice-pack can be applied to the skin if it feels warm or red or the practitioner can recommend skin-care products for this purpose.

The skin may appear to be a little blotchy or there may be patches of darker pigmentation for a number of days following treatment as the epidermis renews and sheds the treated problem areas

The after effects/downtime following a treatment of IPL are often minimal but will depend on the type of treatment performed, all of which should be explained to you beforehand. Some treatments may produce a mild sun burn sensation, temporary pinkness, and darkening and then flaking-off of freckles.

To reduce the risk of complications it is vital you follow the post treatment advice given to you by your practitioner; ensure you protect the area treated from the sun and apply a sunblock/SPF 30 and above i.e every 4 hours to the skin. Apply anti-septic gel/cream to the skin post treatment In the event of signs of reddening, tender skin and/or signs of blistering, contact your practitioner in the first instance.

Clinical trials conducted on intense pulsed light have shown its safety and effectiveness and it has been used on millions of people worldwide.  During treatment, eye protection will be used and a cooling gel applied to the skin to minimise discomfort.  Additional cooling can be applied using a skin cooling probe.

Intense pulsed light skin rejuvenation is not particularly suitable for very dark skin types (and suntanned people) as their skin will have very high levels of melanin and so may absorb too much energy.

With so many differing devices on the market, the risks may differ depending upon the machine to be used, your skin type & hair & eye colour – discuss this in length with your clinician at the point of consultation.

Certain medications are known to be photo-sensitive so you should always go through a thorough medical history with a medical practitioner prior to undergoing any treatments.

Not suitable for those with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

With technological advances IPL/lasers are generally well tolerated and described as mildly uncomfortable with certain treatment areas being more sensitive than others. It is often described as the sensation of a rubber band being flicked against the skin.

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