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Welcome to Dr Anatalia Aesthetics.

This is a medical skin, aesthetics and lifestyle clinic based just outside of West Didsbury, Manchester.

The clinic was founded in 2021 by Dr Anatalia Moore who is an NHS GP and Level 7 Postgraduate trained Aesthetic Doctor with over 11 years clinical experience.

She has a commitment to excellence and achieving the highest standards of care.
Dr Anatalia is passionate to create a safe space in which time, conversation and knowledge is valued along side evidence based skin and aesthetic treatments. 

She prides herself in truly getting to know her patients. This means treatment plans really get to the heart of your aims and concerns and are tailored to suit you in all respects.

Dr Anatalia understand that every patient has different needs and that lifestyle and general health play a big part in achieving natural and lasting goals.

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  • Botulinum Toxin
  • Dermal Fillers - Temples
  • Dermal Fillers - Cheeks
  • Botulinum Toxin - Platysmal Bands
  • Botulinum Toxin - Masseter Reduction

Botulinum Toxin

Dermal Fillers - Temples

Dermal Fillers - Cheeks

Botulinum Toxin - Platysmal Bands

Botulinum Toxin - Masseter Reduction

Botulinum Toxin - Marionette Lines

Botulinum Toxin - Bruxism

Botulinum Toxin - Bunny Lines

Dermal Fillers - Tear Troughs

Skin Boosting Injections


Dermal Fillers - Nasolabial Folds

Botulinum Toxin - Dimpled Chin

Botulinum Toxin - Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Botulinum Toxin - Lines and Wrinkles

Botulinum Toxin - Lip Lines

Dermal Fillers - Marionette Lines

Dermal Fillers - Lips

Dermal Fillers - Chin

Dermal Fillers - Jawline

Dermal Fillers - Non-Surgical Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Botulinum Toxin - Gummy Smiles

Botulinum toxin - Glabella

Chemical Peels


Mole Removal

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Practitioner testimonials

John Sheffield
RTW Skin

We are a CQC-registered Dermatology and Aesthetic Practice in Royal Tunbridge Wells, and we are proud to say we have just renewed our accreditation with Save Face for the ninth year.

We were among the founding members of Save Face, and our choice to join them has been precious and worthwhile. If it was support in bringing a new procedure to our practice, an HR matter or on infrequent occasions when we needed help in assisting a patient, they were there for us. The membership fee that we pay is almost nothing compared to the support offered, and the man or, in our case, woman hours saved when dealing with unfamiliar matters has been a sound investment. Save Face not only look after members on a one-to-one basis but has been active in protecting professionalism in our industry and the exposure of poor practice. As Save Face approaches its second decade of service to UK Aesthetics, we wish them well, and membership will always remain an essential part of our practice.

John Sheffield
RTW Skin
Dr Victoria Manning
River Aesthetics

I have been a Save Face member from the get-go and we are extremely proud that River Aesthetics was one of the first clinics to be accredited.

Patients come to see us and trust us because we are registered and have been recommended by Save Face.

Dr Victoria Manning
River Aesthetics

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