Did you know?

Botox is fermented by the bacteria (clostridium botulinum) that cause botulism.

In its native, unrefined form, if swallowed, the toxin can cause Botulism, which is fatal. You cannot get Botulism from Botox injections because the dose is too low and you would need to swallow it.

1g of clostridium botulinum ferments, per year, the world’s supply of Botox!

Botox is the most powerful neurotoxin ever discovered! Although we often explain it paralyses muscles, in fact it paralyses nerves which cause muscles to contract.

BotoxTM is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin A; other trusted brands of Botulinum Toxin A are DysportTM and XeominTM.  Licensed brands for cosmetic use are VistabelTM (BotoxTM), AzzalureTM (DysportTM) and BocoutureTM (XeominTM).  All are safe and effective, all are licensed, prescription only medicines.

There is a growing market for unlicensed brands from China, Korea and Russia (not legally available in The UK) and of course, a multitude of online suppliers of copies and fakes, being bought by members of the public to inject themselves, family and friends!!! Or worse, by unqualified, unscrupulous individuals treating the paying public with them! If a cheap treatment is being offered, you may not be getting a bargain!

Be Reassured

BotoxTM is the most widely researched medicine in the world, EVER. There are approximately 2,100 publications on Botox in scientific and medical journals (and counting…)

There are 21 different medical uses for Botox discovered so far! It is used to treat cross eyes, muscle spasm, incontinence, excessive sweating, foot deformity in cerebral palsy, facial palsy and migraine to name a few.

BotoxTM is a licensed medicine in 80 countries worldwide.

Common Misunderstandings

‘Botox is a poison’- All medicines can be classed as poisons, in the wrong dose, taken the wrong way or in the wrong formulation. Botox in this context is a medicine.

‘Botox freezes your face’- Botox relaxes muscles that cause unwanted expression lines (e.g. worry lines) BotoxTM can achieve subtle results without freezing expression.

‘It makes you look surprised’- Botox can give an arch to the eyebrows, but a skilled practitioner should be able to maintain your natural resting expression.

‘Botox gives you a trout pout’- Many people confuse Botox with dermal fillers.  Botox is not used to make the lips fuller.

Be Safe

Botox is a very safe drug but must be treated with respect.

It is a prescription only medicine and as such you must be seen by a doctor, dentist or nurse prescriber. It is not illegal for anyone to administer medicines, even by injection, but it is illegal to do so without a prescription and in order to prescribe for you, the prescribing nurse, doctor or dentist MUST see you and assess you face to face. If not they are in breach of their professional standards.

Choose a nurse, doctor, dentist or a prescribing pharmacist to treat you.

They can prescribe

They can obtain legitimate and genuine supply,

They are accountable to their professional bodies,

You can check they are who they say they are by searching the appropriate register (NMC, GMC, GDC).

Choose a practitioner who works full time in aesthetics

There are many full time aesthetic nurses and doctors, why choose someone who only does this part time in their free time?  Experience is key to being skilled; also being full time requires commitment and dedication.

Choose a Clinic (not a party, not at your home)

Again, there are many clinics to choose from. Having a fixed address to visit means you can easily access a review appointment or consult if you have any problems. It should also mean that the environment is fit for purpose and safe for you to have your treatment.

Choose a practitioner from The Save Face Register, all the necessary checks have been done on your behalf. A qualified and trained provider, using safe and legitimate products in a safe environment


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