While we’re constantly bombarded with advice on how to maintain a youthful face, information on how to look after the skin on your neck is a lot harder to come by. Great facial skincare can take years off your age, but if you’ve neglected to take care of your neck then it’s likely that your age will be only too apparent.

The skin on the neck is extremely thin, and although it is exposed to the same environmental and chemical pollutants as the face, it often gets little or no attention in our daily skincare regimes. It’s for this reason that, as we grow older, the skin on the neck can become crepy and begin to droop and sag.

But what can be done to reduce the signs of ageing on your neck? Once a neck begins to appear ‘stringy’ are there specific neck wrinkle treatments that work effectively?

We take a look at some of the best non-surgical cosmetic procedures to help you give your neck the much-needed attention it deserves.


Radiofrequency treatments work effectively to tighten the skin on the neck, making it an effective treatment for lax-looking skin. It works by utilising the skin’s own resistance to radiofrequency energy, transforming it into heat energy which causes an immediate (although temporary) tightening of the collagen fibres in the skin. This controlled injury leads to increased collagen production in the area, resulting in a smoother, firmer, and tighter appearance.

Results of radiofrequency treatment vary depending on the extent of neck wrinkles, the amount and quality of the collagen already present, and the ability of the patient to make new collagen.

To find out whether radio frequency would be suitable for you, visit the Save Face radiofrequency treatment information page.

Skin Boosters

Most brands of dermal filler have a product suitable for improving the quality of skin rather than targeting specific lines or wrinkles. These are known as ‘skin boosters’. Hyaluronic acid (the same material used in most dermal fillers) is injected in micro droplets into the target area, a course of treatments delivers firmer, smoother, brighter skin. These products are light enough for the thin skin on the neck and décolletage, and results can be maintained with top ups twice a year..


Needles are used to create 1000s of columns of micro-injury to the skin, stimulating a natural healing response creating new collagen and elastin, remodelling scars, improving skin quality, tone and texture. 

Laser Resurfacing

Fractional laser resurfacing is a treatment that works by targeting the neck with a monochromatic light beam which selectively damages specific areas (such as age spots) in order to encourage the replacement of damaged cells with new ones.

Once the treatment is complete, the skin will be swollen for a few days, but will usually heal after 7 to 10. It takes between two and six months for skin redness to fade completely, but will leave the appearance of age spots considerably improved.

Take a look at our laser resurfacing factsheet for more information.

Botulinum Toxin Injections

In addition to loose or mottled skin, vertical bands are another major factor in damaging the appearance of the neck. These rope-like bands, known as ‘turkey neck’, occur when the thin sheet of muscle (the platysma) on the neck begins to separate and sag due to the effects of gravity and ageing.

Botulinum toxin injections can work effectively to block signals to this sheet of muscle, preventing it from contracting and causing these unsightly bands. Known as the ‘Nefertiti’ lift (named after the youthful jawline of the Egyptian queen) botulinum toxin injections in the lower jaw and neck can create a firmer looking jawline and smoother neck.

The Save Face wrinkle relaxing factsheet has further information should you wish to find out more about botulinum toxin injections.

Save Face

Whichever of the above neck wrinkle treatments you are interested in, it’s important to remember that as they are non-surgical procedures, they’re not regulated by law.

That’s why we at Save Face have stepped in to provide a safe, impartial service to help put you in touch with qualified and credible practitioners who have been accredited against our comprehensive set of objective standards.

Use the Save Face search engine today to find the right non-surgical cosmetic practitioner for you.


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