Starting out in an unregulated industry when you come from a medical background can be daunting. I wanted to champion safer standards in aesthetics and what better way to do that than to join Save Face. I will share with you my experience on being a Save Face member and achieving Platinum status.

Learn more in this blog on what Save Face can do to elevate your credibility, provide access to regulated qualifications, and raise your safety standards to attract the patients you want.


Save Face is the UK's leading government-approved register for medical aesthetic treatments. It is home to hundreds of practitioners and clinics who have passed their rigorous 116-point assessment process ¹. I am currently in my 3rd year of membership. I found going through this assessment process allowed me to ensure I was safe rather than just assuming I was because of my medical background. External regulation is always better than self-assessment. I achieved platinum status this year due to compliance with their accreditation standards and publishing a full suite of information to my profile to inform the public about me and the services I offer. 
I will go over some of the main benefits I have found since joining Save Face.

Benefits of Joining Save Face


Joining Save Face provides credibility to your practice. It shows that you are committed to providing safe and effective treatments to your patients. Save Face is the only government-approved register for medical aesthetic treatments in the UK that assesses and verifies that practitioners and clinics are compliant with every aspect of their accreditation standards. By joining Save Face, you are demonstrating your commitment to maintaining high standards of practice.


Increased Visibility

Save Face provides increased visibility to your practice, their website is used by hundreds of thousands of people seeking treatments every year. Patients can search for practitioners and clinics on their website. By being part of the Save Face register, you are making it easier for patients to find your practice.

Access to Training and Support

Save Face provides free access to regulated qualifications for its members. They offer a range of workshops and resources to help practitioners improve their skills and knowledge. They also provide support to members in case of complaints and legal issues.

Quality Assurance

Save Face provides quality assurance to its members. They review their members' practices annually to ensure that they are compliant with their high standards. They provide practitioners with all of the documentation you need to meet their standards, there are over 200 templates available on the Save Face dashboard.  By joining Save Face, you are demonstrating your commitment to quality assurance.


Joining Save Face provides many benefits to medical aesthetic injectors. It provides credibility, increased visibility, access to training and support, and quality assurance. By joining Save Face, you are demonstrating your commitment to providing safe and effective treatments to your patients.


About Dr Kara Dawson MBchB MRCGP

Dr Kara is a GP and Aesthetic/Cosmetic Doctor with over 8 years experience in cosmetic skincare and aesthetic treatments such as Botox, Dermal filler and Microneedling. She has a passion for safe practice and natural results. She runs a busy aesthetic and skincare clinic in Norwich, UK.

Find out more about Dr Kara Dawson here. 




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