Save Face Director Ashton Collins chats to the BBC about what checks Save Face Carry out and why.

In 2013 when she began developing the register, Ashton knew that it had to be as meaningful and useful as possible. As a potential consumer of these treatments, she wanted to remove as many of the obstacles away from the patient as possible. People looking for a safe provider are often told ‘Make sure you do your checks’. That is easier said than done. For a patient to be able to verify the 116 safety critical elements that we assess would be nigh on impossible as the information is not available in the public domain. Even if it were, they would not have the requisite expertise to verify that it was genuine. And most importantly, they would be totally reliant on what the practitioner was telling them with no means of verifying whether it was true or not.

Save Face is the only register for non-surgical cosmetic treatments that physically assess and audits our registrants against ALL of the information listed in our standards for accreditation.

Every certificate is reviewed, every pin is verified, and every clinic is assessed by our trained nurse assessors.

We do not rely on self-certification as it negates the purpose of having a register. It is the only register that practitioners can use to demonstrate to their patients that they have been independently verified as operating to a safe, medical standard.


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