Save Face Director Ashton Collins chats to medical journalist Dr Michael Mosely about what has caused the huge increase in demand for cosmetic interventions and why anyone considering botox or dermal fillers should use Save Face to find a safe practitioner.

Social media and reality TV has fuelled a huge interest in people wanting to tweak their appearance without going under the knife. Non-surgical interventions can deliver immediate and effective results with very little downtime and at a fraction of the cost of surgery. However, unlike cosmetic surgery, procedures like dermal fillers and botox can be administered by ANYONE from ANYWHERE, and there are no laws to ensure that practitioners are qualified or even insured.

Ashton set up the Save Face register in 2014 to ensure that anyone wanting to enhance their appearance with a non-surgical cosmetic treatment could access a safe, medically qualified practitioner who had been assessed and verified against a stringent set of standards.



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